Tips for Buyers

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First Time Home Buyers

How to Prepare your Finances for Home Ownership

Tackle your high-interest-rate debt first.
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Ways to Find More Money for your Down Payment

Get creative, but understand the ins and outs to make the right decision for you.
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The 4 Most Important People to Know When Homebuying

And how each one can help you.
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All Home Buyers

How to Choose a Neighborhood

9 key questions to answer when you’re location shopping.
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8 Tips for Finding Your New Home

A solid game plan can help you narrow your home buying search to find the best home for you.
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Must vs. Lust Buying – Tips to Avoid Overspending

The super-simple (and fun) way to separate needs from nice-to-haves.
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Before You Move In

A Checklist to Save Hassles Later.
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